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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The gaming experience (GoW3): The disappointing and the awesome!

Stupid minotaurs. If you haven't played the game yet but will, when you get to the part where you're on a giant cube fighting minotaurs I recommend that you try to knock them off the cube rather than just killing in the normal fashion. It takes some getting learning but it can totally be done and is actually more satisfying and effecient.

Once I got past that annoyance I met another one. Hermes. It's kind of funny. He acts youthful and the way he taunts you makes him sound like a punk. But if you ask me he looks a bit too old to be doing that. It was rather annoying. So I was pleased that he was the easiest boss fight yet and I got to kill him on the first try. But even then his death was disappointing and less spectacular than his fellow gods. Though no less ominous when one considers what it was probably inspired by. Still, felt a little like a waste of a boss fight.

The next famous person from the myths however wasn't a disappointment at all. In fact, she's stolen the show as the most entertaining character in the game. God of War Hera is freaking awesome. She's like this old actress that used to be really famous but now she's a has-been who looks down on the world because it doesn't recognise her greatness anymore. And she's just a little drunk. And she hates her husband, with good reason. Yeah, she's freaking awesome.

Then there's the guy that she gets to fight you since she's too drunk, lazy or smart to do it herself. Hercules is a mixed bag. He's probably one of the characters I wished most for when it came to boss fights for this game. Don't know why the felt that he needed shoulder guards or a helmet when the rest of his body was pretty much unprotected, especially when said items made him look a bit lame. And dude, you're Hercules. Why do you need undead legionairs to fight Kratos? Also, he's a bit whiney.

But on the other hand, he's voice by Kevin Sorbo. For those that don't know, Kevin Sorbo played Hercules on the live action show that took place in the same universe as Xena: Warrior Princess. That's some great casting, especially since I didn't recognise it until I looked it up on wikipedia. Also, while the first part on the fight is annoying due to the troops he uses, though it would be way easier without them there, the final part is awesome. It's basically a boxing match of superhuman porportions that leaves both Hercules and Kratos bloodsoaked as all hell before it's all finished off very brutally. Loved that part.

And hey, the weapon you steal from him is probably the most fun the game so far.

Short comments now before I leave for easter holidays.

Kratos is still an ass and I don't really sympathise with him yet.

Aphrodite is a mean person. To Hepheastus that is. To the player she's just the game's sex-mini-game that can spark very lovely debate about how chauvinistic this series actually is.

I don't want to hurt Hepheastus. Stupid meany game.

And on we go into the pits of tartarus, the real hell of greek mythology.

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