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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The gaming experience (GoW3): I'm having a ball

Ok, so after turning the setting down to normal I can finally play the game the way I want to. There's still a challenge to be had here but generally I can kick much mythological ass. So today I figured that I would comment on a few parts of the game. Beware of spoilers in this post.

First of all, I really enjoyed how the gods leapt into battle against the titans in the opening cinema. It sort of felt like they were some sort of comic book superteam dashing off to kick some ass. Also, they generally looked very cool while doing so.

The titans on the other hand look sort of wimpy despite their skyscraper+ sized bodies towering over the gods. So far the gods have been smacking the titans down without much difficulty. No wonder these behemoths need help from a teeny tiny, from their perspectives at least, demi-god. Losers.

Seriously, without Kratos/my helping them out the titans would be totally screwed. While they were getting their asses kicked I managed to kill three gods in the gratuitously brutal fashion that is the hallmark of the God of War series. However, bad things seem to happen (in the game's world) whenever I commit deicide. And by bad I mean "seems-to-be-moving-towards-the-apocalypse-step-by-step-bad".

I read somewhere that they wanted to make Kratos a bit more sympathetic instead of just being a revenge-obssessed killer. Considering that he seems to be dooming the world just to get his revenge fix I don't think that they've done a very good job so far. But hey, there might be a twist later on.

What else? What else? Oh right, Hades!

I finally got to kill that ugly SOB. Now, while he doesn't look the way I imagine Hades to look he was actually rather entertaining as he taunted Kratos from the shadows before having a big show-down with him. You could really hear that he wanted Kratos to suffer painfully. As God of War players know Kratos has escaped from the underworld like 3-4 times in his existence. So you sort of assume that's why Hades hates him so. But a great scene right before their big fight reveals that Hades has a valid grudge against Kratos. So he had my sympathy but I still laughed while kicking his ass.

Nobody makes references to God of War games I haven't played and live to tell the tale while I'm still kicking.

A few more things.

Hephastus and his daughter are the most sympathetic characters in this game. Not hard to do really.

I totally don't trust Kratos' new guide. There's something suspicious about this person.

If the character I think is Hercules is Hercules I'm a bit disappointed in his appearance.

They still can't do a good Kerberos design for these games.

All in all. I'm having a freaking ball.

Until next time, peace out.

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