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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A most epic and entertaining journey deserving of a tribute

When you've been reading superhero comics for as long as I have it's almost inevitable that you'll get a bit jaded about the whole thing.

You think, a bit conceitedly, that - "There are only so many stories you can tell about men and women fighting crime with superpowers while wearing tights.". And while it's true that a lot of the stories throughout the decade share many of the same beats that doesn't mean that all superhero comics are just repeating themselves or that they're doing a bad job. But sometimes you just want something a bit more fresh, in lack of a better term. Just something that stands out a bit from the usual stuff and gives some variety oto your monthly reading.

For me personally that comic is the ongoing comic called Journey into Mystery (JiM) written by Kieron Gillen and publish by Marvel comics. So now, let's go for the obligatory pic before going into the background for the series.