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Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't be afraid to suck.

Most people are afraid of sucking. That's ok, it's just normal for everybody without annoying/inspiring confidence. And really, for those of us without that confidence the fear of suckings gets us through life because we try our hardest to avoid it all together.

There are however instances when I think that people should just put that fear on the shelf and embrace that possibility that they might suck.

Really, it could be a minor detail in an otherwise enjoyable time. The only things required is a good sense of humor and some good company. Allow me to use two examples with myself as the main player.

Story 1: I was visiting some friends in Great Britain and one day they had some kind of church meeting at their home. Beliving that it would be best for me to miss the meeting they set it up so that one of their friends, a guy that I just met days earlier, took me to play some billiard at some local place.

Since badminton is the only sport that I'm able to play skillfully I assumed that I would just suck at billiard. I was right, I wasn't able to put a single ball into the pockets/holes/whatever they're called. But it was alright because I just accepted that it was bound to happen and snickered every time I missed a shot. It was made all the more easier to accept that I just wasn't playing well because the guy I was playing with was very genial during the whole thing. He encouraged me, didn't mock beyond some good-natured ribbing and was just nice to hang out with.

So what could've been a very embarrasing experience turned out to be a enjoyable afternoon simply because I was able to laugh at my inability to play the game properly and my companions friendly nature.

Story 2: This is more of a common occurence for me really than just one incident. But I can specify with an example that happened this very afternoon.

I have these two really good friends whom have asked to be called by their XBOX-live names, Hassanbot and Sharkazzz (that last one was totally cribbed from me BTW, but I'm not petty). When we hang out one of the main things we like to do is to play video games, and one of the video games we like to play the most is basically anything from the Halo franchise. A video game series that I am woefully unskilled at.

Usually when we play I get my ass kicked utterly and completely unless I'm having a good day or we're playing with somebody who sucks at the game even more than me. But most of the time that's ok because the mood is seldom serious. This is just us playing around with a really advanced toy and the mood shows this. We scream leet-speak, the little that we know, abrassively mock each other (both for our gameplay and our general mannerisms and some other stupid non-sensical ramblings) and just a good time.

Both of them still kick my ass and between the three of us there's a general totem-pole when it comes to our Halo skills. At the bottom is me and then there's Sharkazzz and at the top is Hassanbot. Hassanbot is so superior to us other two that Sharkazzz really wanted me to tell y'all that if we were to combine mine and Sharkazzz Halo playing prowess Hassanbot would still be four times better than that.

I am well aware of this and have long since accepted my role in ur matches. I annoy the crap out of the other two, kill-steal and just provide an obstacle for the two of them. If I'm having a good enough day I can do more than that. Either way I don't let it bother me and just enjoy our guy evenings greatly.

In conclusion: I understand how terrifying it is to perform badly at something. But I suggest that everybody take it easier and don't bother with it so much during at least some activities. Suggestively some lighter and less serious activity. Just make sure that you're with good company and have a good sense of humor about you sucking. Then you can have an enjoyable time of performing badly at something.

That said, I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever play Sing-Star again. EVER!

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  1. Enjoying the craic is definitely more important than being good at a game and thankfully I've always had friends who felt like that. I like to do well and I like winning - who doesn't? - but participation for me is more about having a good time and enjoying good company than it is about winning/losing.

    As for the Church meeting ... should I read your post as saying we made the right decision to arrange for you and Kri to shoot some pool?