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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The gaming experience (GoW3): The end is nigh... also, what's with the scorpions

So after easter it's just straight back into God of War 3. I'm nearing the end I feel. I can't help but a little disappointed that there haven't been any big monster boss fights. Even if that big guy was the biggest thing I've ever killed in a video game he doesn't count since he was a freaking titan. I do miss the giant monsters like the Hydra and the Kraken from the previous games.

Lucky for me then that I get to fight a giant scorpion... what? It's a fun boss fight and all but what's with people putting giant scorpions in modern pop culture version of greek mythology, there's several of them in the new Clash of the Titans movie (at least in the trailer). I might've missed something but I don't remember any giant scorpions in greek mythology. Oh well, as long as they're entertaining it's ok. Just curious.

But I still wanted to fight Stheno.

I like Pandora. Or at least this interpretation of her. She's a good example of a female character that's cool without having to this badass warrior princess, not that there's anything wrong with those. Her interaction with Kratos and the change he goes through from it is actually very gripping and almost makes him sympathetic. At the very least it makes the stakes that he puts into the quest more complex and interesting.

Now then, the warm-up round with Zeus is over. I can see him waiting for me. Tomorrow I'll kick his ass. Little sad that th final boss is the same as in the previous game but what the hell. I've always wanted to kick Zeus' ass. And hey, the really awe-inspiring background of the world falling into chaos and destruction is a pretty damn badass back-dropp to finish this saga with.

Once I do that I can start posting about something else. Pandora is sort of inspiring.

Until next time, peace out.

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