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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The gaming experience (GoW3): I'm either a pansy or honest with myself


Last week I bought my most coveted game of the year, God of War 3, and I've been hyped to play it all week. Today I got behind my PS3 controller and started slaughtering my favorite characters from greek mythology.

The reason I haven't played it until now is simply because I felt that I needed to focus on an essay for my current course. Simple as that. I had enough fortitude to avoid the game and stay focused on the essay and today I got my reward of playing the game.

I made two misstakes that sort of lowered my enjoyment of it.

The game itself is absolutely fucking brilliant. Even the most grotesque and imaginative creatures have a strange realism to them. The scenes (both in gameplay and in-game cinemas) are nothing short of epic. The fighting system tight and responsive. Go to any professional game critic and they can tell you the same thing with better words, I'm personally looking forward to Yahtzee's review of the game.

The misstakes I made are completely my own.

Misstake #1: My tv is sort of small, a bit too small almost for a game this epic. It's nothing serious enough that the right distance between me and the tv can't fix. Unfortuantely I tried to take it easy and lounge in my bed while playing. It created certain perspective problem and probably led to me taking more hits than if I had been seated at a more strategic position. Easily fixed.

Misstake #2: Here's the real problem that might be a bit embarrassing in gaming circuits.

See, in the review on they thought that normal was a little too easy and recommended that veterans of the franchise begin playing on hard. I felt cocky and took that advice. I should probably have known better considering that I've only played the previous game once and that was like 3-4 years ago.

Before I had gotten half-way through today's challenges I had died 47 times.


Tomorrow I'm lowering the difficulty to normal. Even if that means replaying the parts I had gotten through today.

It not because I can't ever get through the game on hard difficulty. I would probably be able to do it. Eventually. It's because it's really frustrating me and I don't want to be frustrated when playing this game. I mainly want to enjoy it and kick some ass while doing it.

If I was a gamer I might be inclinded to feel some shame about it. Luckily enough I'm sort of a crappy gamer and I'm not out for bragging rights. I'm mainly after the interactive story the game is telling.

So that's my confession about my gaming patience and skills. Expect more updates about my battle against GoW3 in the coming days. It'll be an interesting experiment for me.

Now, to prepare myself for the possible mockery from my country friends.

Until next time, peace out.

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