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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The gaming experience (Naruto): Were's the freaking training area!

So far the game is still fun and good. But I am beginning to question a few things. Like the lack of a training mode. I'm sort of sorely in the need for it. Though I guess that I can't simulate one in a fashion. Just so I don't look too embarrassing if I ever show this game to people.

Back to the fun stuff now. The story is so far a really well-abridged, not the parody thing, version of Kishimoto's original story as it keep all the elements and important scenes without slowing down the pace of the game.

The boss battle against Sasori was not as epic as the one against Deidara, nor as difficult, but still plenty fun and awesome with some great quick-time events thrown into it, I just need to get better at them. It does get me thinking about which other boss fights I'm looking forward to the most right now. For once I might actually get to enjoy the Sasuke/Itachi battle entirely instead of just parts of it. And man o man am I looking forward to the Jiraiya/Pain battle.

Right now I'm meandering around the various world maps to see if I can't get some other fun hidden items and stuff. Also looking for these evil little dolls that appear around the world. Will get back to the main story tomorrow.

Short notes.

Gai and Rock Lee are freaking beasts in this game. Possibly the best characters as far as I can see.

Tenten on the other hand kind of sucks. As always.

I cannot express how great this game truly looks.

Maybe I should get a second controller.

Oh well, time to get right into the least fun story arc in the series.

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