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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The gaming experience (Naruto): Simple as it is I AM having fun

It's been a few days and in my spare time I've really been enjoying Ultimate Storm 2. A big part of that is probably that I've gotten good at the fighting mechanic now. It's wonders how a little training can work wonders for you, poor Sakura though, she had dubious pleasure of acting punching bag for me.
But yeah, I'm really having fun with this game. So much so that I don't really care that's it's a glorified fighting game with a pretty weak free-roaming section. It's fun and it's a good retelling of one of my favourite manga series.

Now, I was a bit disappointed in the 4-tailed Naruto/Orochimaru boss battle. There's was no standard battle with Naruto in this form and the shooting gallery style battle which was just not really working for me. Also the quick-time event part took me an embarrassing number of tries to get through.

However, the Naruto/Sasuke boss battle totally made up for it. Finally a battle that match the epicness of the Gaara/deidara battle. It wasn't the same scale but in made up for it in inventiveness. The small flashes of Naruto and Sasuke's previous battle interspersed in during the fight was a neat touch and the quick-time event sequence was fittingly awesome.

And I thought that it was a nice touch to let you play as Asuma for a while. It made his inevitable doom a bit more heart breaking, it also helped that he's now one of my favourite playable characters. Oh well, I got to beat the shit out of Hidan with him. That was fun.

Speaking of Hidan, his english voice actor is freaking rocking the role. It is one of the funniest voices I've heard in quite some time and he can still be creepy when the story needs that.

As the story has reached Naruto's wind training I've now experienced a funny trait from a game with... shall we say limited gameplay option. With only a fighting game mechanic and a free roaming mechanic there's not really a lot of ways to show that Naruto has actually learned anything new. So it's been resorted to just having him getting his ass kicked by his teachers or kicking their asses.

Great way to learn there. By beating people up. It sort of reminds me of the Harry Potter games where the teachers send Harry on freakishly perilous quests to learn new spells. I just find stuff like that really funny. At least in Ultimate Storm 2 Naruto gets some off-screen training, which is really doing its jobb in building up to the grand reveal of the results.

So yeah. I'm having fun.

Until next time.

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