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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The gaming experience (Naruto): The finale and Killer Bee

One last update in this little gaming experience. It was pretty epic.

While I think that the way the game sets-up Pain's invasion of Konoha was a little lack-luster it did provide with some fun match-ups before the last big boss battle.

And that's where the epicness comes in. I only screwed up a single quick-time event so the whole thing flowed nigh-perfectly smoothly. And kicking Pain's ass in normal battle mode felt as satisfying as it looked in the manga. The only part that annoyed me was that Hinata was allowed to completely get her crowning moment of awesome, it was replaced with a heroic sacrifice that looked sort of lame. So that was bad.

The pay-off however was cool. Taking on a shinra tensei spamming Pain as the uber-powerful six-tailed Naruto was explosive and the battle looked truly awesome.

The end part to the fight was great as well. With both Naruto and Pain being limited to only basic combos and their standard ninjutsu move. No throws, no items, no ultimate jutsu and no support. But Pain was constantly awakened so he dealt out much more damage than the player did as Naruto. It's a simple idea but worked out well. It was a challenge and very satisfying to beat.

I'm also impressed by how the story parts and themes where all fitted into the epic finale. It was rather gripping and felt a bit more enjoyable than in the original series. Maybe because I've realised how it all works out a little better by now. Either way it was fun to see.

So now the game's main story is done for my part and all that's left is to be a completist. But I just want to get all the playable characters for free battle mode. So my friends and I can kick each others' asses. I also want to beat the shit out of the evil puppet guy. He annoyed me. So I get to have fun in travelling the game world with a the four-man team of Naruto, Hinata, Gaara and Rock Lee!

Today I got to a fragment where you got to fight the ever awesome Killer Bee as Sasuke, now in his Akatsuki uniform and with new abilities. The guy was suprisingly, yet saddly, easy to beat up. At least in his first form. Then he got to be permanently awakened and kicked my ass at first. But that was a fun challenge as well. Beating his superior power with tactics and skill was rewarding as all hell.

And... that's about that. A fun game overall with lots of fun things to accomplish and good retelling of the Naruto Shippuden storyline. Though, I wonder what a sequel would be like since Naruto doesn't get to be in all that much action after the Pain fight. He'll get his share eventually but right now he's taking a training back-seat. Oh well, if there is a sequel I'll probably get it just for all the new characters that are certain to be added to the roster.

Until next time, when I'll start something I've been looking forward to.

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