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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The gaming experience (Naruto): The awesomeness of Jiraiya the toad sage

Been playing quite a lot since the last post. So here's a quick summary of the things I went through in the game up until the really awesome part.

Fought and defeated Hidan and Kakuzu. The Kakuzu boss battle was the most difficult one yet and pretty freaking epic.

Played through the Sasuke storyline of the game. Got some good laughs from the game implying that team Taka are actually good at what they do. Was disappointed that the Sasuke/Deidara battle didn't get boss battle treatment. But that was fixed with the Sasuke/Itachi battle which was just great fun.

And now I've played through one of my favourite parts of the Naruto series. Jiraiya's infiltration of the Hidden Rain village.

The atmosphere in the village was great. With dark and gloomy colours that contrasted Jiraiya's own bright outfit, making everything feel foreign. This feeling was further enforced when talking to the NPCs in the village. All of them seemed perfectly fine and sort of happy despite the gloomy appearance of the village and the constant rain falling down on them. A somber musical tone kept me on edge, though the fact that I knew what was going to happen helped as well. I was seriously itching for the battles to come.

First of was lovely Konan and her paper style jutsus. I won but she surprised me with her speed and range. Then came the battle I've been itching for almost the entire game. The war between Jiraiya and Pain. It was always one of my top two favourite fights in the series. Not only would we finally get to see Jiraiya going all out while at the peak of his healt but he would fight alone against the leader of the Akatsuki. It was a battle destined for great things.

As a boss battle it shared the same quality as the Gaara/Deidara boss battle in that you never really did the same thing twice. The straight up fight sequences never had you fighting against a normal playable character, instead giving you some unique enemies to battle against. The quick time events were used to showcase the abilities Pain had that couldn't really be fitted into a normal fight sequence and the final moment were just a hopeless struggle for survival before it all ended with one crowning moment of awesome. There was so much creativity put into this battle and I applaud the game designers for making the whole thing so very awesome.

Then came the story elements with Jiraiya's death and Naruto dealing with it. All of it was handled beautifully and I actually shed a few tears. Excellent stuff really.

Now then, it's the final chapter and all that remains is Naruto's training, the Taka/Killer Bee boss battle (at least I hope that it's in there) and Pain's assault on the Hidden Leaf village. I'm very interested in seeing how they'll do that one.

Until next time.

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