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Sunday, February 21, 2010

You're half-forgiven Sweden

So another... quarter final of Schlagern has passed and the results somewhat elated my mood regarding the approaching finale of this contest.

As expected the extremely popular and already established teen idol Darin, a young man with a bland song, made it to the finale. Now, while I will admit that the guy can sing that doesn't mean that I have to like any of his songs, and I really don't. I don't hate them, but I don't like them either and last night he was chosen over at least two or three songs that I prefered. So now we have five guys with dull songs in the finale.

HOWEVER. The things that made me somewhat happy yesterday evening was that a group of four girls managed to actually outright beat Darin to the punch and got one of the two finale-seats before he did. They had a catchy etno-beat, I do love me some etno, that I'm still humming today and were overall delightful to listen to. What really made the whole thing kick ass was that nobody had expected them to go directly to the finale. Every media outlet figured that they would go to the semi-final or just lose. But nope, they ended up the main finale before anybody in their heat.

In short, there may be hope for the swedish people's musical taste after all.

Other things that kicked ass on tv-last night were Dolph Lundgren's continued awesomeness as he searched for the mysterious entity that threatens the entire contest. They had also somehow gotten Blue Man Group to perfrom as half-time entertainment, that was awesome. And lastly, in completely different news, two swedish athletes won gold and bronze in skiathlon yesterday.

All in all, a good night indeed. Despite Darin.


  1. I'm intrigued by talk of this girl group and their etno pop - could you link to a clip of their performance, please?

  2. Sorry, SVT (Swedish TeleVision) doesn't allow the entries to be seen on the web until all the finalists are picked.