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Friday, February 12, 2010

A nifty introduction for whoever reads this

Welcome to the blog. This first post will serve as a nifty introduction, as it says in the title, to what I will be posting here.

First of all an explanation to who I am. Basically I'm the guy who, in this blog, calls himself the Overlord of the North, just because it sounded fun at that time. Still sounds kind of funny if you ask me. Also, I'm from Sweden and I'm a nerd and I'm proud of both of those things, more so of the latter than the former. And lastly I have to many thoughts going through my head so I figured that I might as well get rid of them by sharing them with the world.

Hence the title "Ramblings of a swedish nerd".

In short, I'm going to be posting my thoughts about various subjects, most of them will be considered nerdish. This can range from reviews to discussions about whatever's in my head to whatever else I can come up with.

You, the reader, will through this blog get something new to read and a new perspective on stuff like movies, video games, comics, books and other things. I'm being purposely vague here people.

As for why I'm writing in english if I'm from Sweden. It's because out of the languages that I can write in english is the most accessible to the largest audience.

That should cover it everything. The first proper post will be up shortly after this one. Until then, peace out.

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  1. Will we learn of your perspective on Rimmel's new line of lipstick colours for their spring collection?

    Loved the Hades column, thanks for that :)