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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mumbly voices and imploding football fields!

It's been a slow and poorly updated year here. I blame myself for being lazy and pre-occupied. But I should be able to talk more about stuff that concerns my nerdy interest. So I'm gonna try to be better at that starting with the new official trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

To be honest I haven't really been all that interested in this movie, at least not as much as I've been in other superhero movies. So I haven't really taken part of the recent river of revealed and/or leaked media surrounding it. I guess it's because a part of me figured that it couldn't possibly surpass The Dark Knight in terms of greatness. Much due to the Joker being absent and that most movies kind of fall a part at the third installment.

Then I saw this trailer and now I'm really interested in it all again.

While I can't possibly tell whether or not this'll be better than The Dark Knight it does seem to continue the tradition of taking its source material 100% seriously and just going withit. You see, what made both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so damn good was that they took the idea of a man fighting crime dressed up as an anthropomorphic bat and made it into a successful metaphor for something bigger and then take a deep and complex look into the psyches of all the main characters involved. And they made it work!

Based on the trailer The Dark Knight Rises seem to follow this tradition as the physical threat of Bane and the greedy Catwoman bear down on a Batman that's in a rather freaking dark place after the last movie. Will the pressure of trying to make himself an ideal finally beat down Batman or will he rise to the occasion and save the day and if so, at what price?

It's a really good trailer that shows loads of stuff that we can expect without giving the story away. We have momentous action scenes with the aforementioned football field, a mansion being invaded and a massive riot outside what is most likely city hall. There'll be more of the poignant and/or metaphorical speeches as we seen glimpses of a few of them from Alfred, Bane and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway's delivers her speech in a way that sends chills down my spine). And there are a few odds scenes here and there that'll be interesting to see how they fit into the movie.

Overall, I'm totally stoked for this movie again and I have this trailer to thank for it. The only thing I find questionable is Bane's mask. It looks ridiculous and it really makes Tom Hardy's mumbly voice tricky to hear. His acting and physical prescene is really freaking great, very intimidating. But the mask is still ridiculous. Oh well, nothing's perfect.

So I guess that this'll be the sophisiticated and thought-provoking alternative to compete against The Avengers gigantic rule-of-cool awesomeness roller coaster. It'll be an interesting battle between the two movies. And I can already tell you that The Amazing Spider-man movie isn't gonna be able to match either one of them.

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