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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nerd squee!

...yes I remember that I have a blog. I have a life too so shut up.

...sorry I told you to shut up.


So the link above will take ou to the first real trailer, not a teaser like at the end of the Captain America movie (which was totally awesome). But an actual fullblown trailer. And it is glorious!

We get the basics behind the team explained to us by the Samuel L. Jackson version of Nick Fury, leader of the world protecting organisation that's been shown in the other Marvel Studio produced movies. And it becomes pretty clear that the trickster god from the Thor movie is our main villain of this comic book movie super-extravaganza, I'm very much looking forward to Tom Hiddelston kicking ass as a true blue comic book villain. We also get our first motion shots of the team, or at least several of them, together. Not to mention Mark Rufallo as our new Bruce Banner, that's the third actor playing the part in three movies for anybody who's counting (there's more people doing that than they'd like to admit).

The trailer's got action (lots of shit blowing up), cool one liners and the sheer geek-out factor of seeing that this massive project is actually, totally, seriously happening. I am so looking forward to comic book movie year 2012. I'll look forward to see how it does again the third Nolan Batman movie. Yeah, I know that there's a new Spider-man movie franchise starting the same year but based on that movie's trailer it looks really freaking bland.

I just wanted to say something about this new step towards comic book movie greatness... at least I hope it'll be greatness. The movie emphasises Iron man a little too much for my taste and I hope that isn't reflective of the movie. I love Robert Downey jr. but there's five or six other heroes and one totally cool villain in the movie. I want them to shine just as brightly.

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