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Friday, October 29, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Just got home from seeing it. The, for me personally, most anticipated movie of the entire year, partly because it took so freaking long for the thing to get to Sweden. But man o man was it worth the wait.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is AWESOME for so many reasons. But let's sum up the story first.

Scott Pilgrim is a twenty something slacker with a slight case of douchebag in him. He's in a crappy band called Sex Bomb-Omb (if you get that reference the chance of you liking the movie increases quite a bit), lives with his gay friend Wallace and he's dating a 17 year old catholic school-girl. Then he meets Ramona Flowers. A stoic, tough as nails gal who can see through what Scott is about with ease and doesn't like to talk about her past. The two begin dating and then Scott has to fight her seven evil exes.

You think that last sentence is weird? Then try this on for size. The movie's world runs on video game physics, meaning that whatever looks awesome will most likely work.

The action scenes in this movie are among the best I've seen. Ever. Either they were really inventive or extremely well-coreographed and all of them were epic fun. At the same time they all meant something. You see, the fights scenes are basically a visual representation of how people like Scott Pilgrim wish that they could deal with the emotional problems that they go through and serve as metaphors for Scott's issues and stress at the time.

Which brings us to the romance. From the above descriptions it might be believed that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is nothing more than a geek-out extravaganza. It's actually more than that as it tells a mature and deliciously human love story between two young adults that grow as persons and as a couple inbetween all the awesome stuff of epicness. It's a good love story and I do so love a good love story.

Then there's the humor. I, along with pretty much the rest of the theatre, laughed my ass off at several points. It's a funny movie.

So it's a movie that has awesome and epic action scenes, a well-written and mature love story and hilarious humor. In short, basically everything that I love form a story. And it's supported by a great cast. Michael Cera makes Scott believeable and enjoyable without necessarily making him entirely sympathetic from the get go. The seven evil exes easily steal the scenes that they're in. Just about everybody absolutely nails their part and I wish I could've seen more of them all.

According to other reviews I've read, the graphic novels on which the movie is based on expand upon several of the supporting characters greatly. Saddly most of this is cut in order to get through all the fights agaisnt the evil exes but it's not a deal-breaker or anything. It just makes me want to buy the novels more.

Despite being almost two hours long the time just flew by for me. Sure the movie does tend to speed through things at certain parts and while the action is awesome it is totally understandable that some would find there to be too much of it. But none of that stopped this from being one of the most enjoyable and entertaining movies I've ever seen. It just kicked ass.

If you like awesome geek-out stuff then you should totally go see it. And if you can appreciate a good movie then you can see it and enjoy it, though you may want a friendly geek with you to explain a lot of the stuff that the movie throws at you.


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