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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The wait is... annoying me

So I've almost seen all the movies I intended to see this summer and they were mostly good.

Clash of the Titans was a neat treat but a little weak at the end.

Kick-Ass was a delight.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was a fun adventure movie with one of the best action scenes I've seen in a long time.

Iron man 2 was pretty much everything that a sequel should be with a many a geek-out moments, especially after the credits.

Inception was a clever mind-bender that tried a lot of things and pulled them all off really well.

Robin Hood was good, not great but good. I wish they would've gone with the original idea of having Robin as the villain but what are you gonna do?

The A-Team was a great mindless action spectacular.

The Karate Kid was great. Both as a remake and as its own movie. It gave me a newfound respect for Jackie Chan as an actor.

Left on my list are The Expendables and Toy Story 3. But I'm gonna do something about them soon enough. There's however one movie that I really want to see that has caused me some grief. You see, here in Sweden movies rarely ever air on the same date as in their original countries, though that's probably the all over the world. In some cases it's a matter of waiting a few days, maybe a week. In lucky instances we actually get to see the movie before even the americans, that was the case with Iron man 2. And then there are the times when we have to wait several months for a movie to show up after its premiere.

That is the case with... Actually no... it's more than just waiting for a few months.

First time I saw a trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World I was stumped. It just looked bizzare, insane and I needed to see it. The anticipation rose with each new trailer and I looked up more about the comic book series it was based on. Without spoiling anything for myself I only got more intrigued. I even bought the first book to get a bit acquainted with the series, but I've been told to see the movie first then buy the rest of the books.

I looked up when the movie was going to air in sweden, because in my mind there was no way that such a fantastic looking movie wouldn't air here. My search yielded no results. There wasn't a single mention of the movie being shown at any cinema in my dear little home country.

The F-word I uttered at that time was probably the loudest I've roared yet.

A little while later dates for the movie's sweden premiere began poping up a little here and there. In forums, magazines and IMDB. They were all different and the cinema site still didn't mention anything about the movie.

So I decided to just get in contact with the cinema company to get some straight answer. The reply was that it wasn't certain that they would show Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but the chance still existed.

Being a natural pesimist I despaired that I would have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD or that I'd have to download it, I don't stuff like that. What really annoyed me is that the list of cming movies being shown in Sweden included the live-action version of the comic strip Marmaduke was clearly posted.

Nobody in Sweden gives a shit about Marmaduke and that has a better chance of being aired than Scott Pilgrim? I really wanted to punch somebody that day.

Luckily it has recently been revealed that the movie will be shown in Sweden... starting October 29. That's six weeks and six days from today. Stupid cinema company not understanding how awesome Scott Pilgrim vs. The World probably will be. Now I don't feel at all guilty about using a voucher to see the movie for free.

Oh well, until then there other fun nerdy stuff to look forward to in Sweden. The closest would be the marathon of The Phantom shorts being aired at the local cultural centre. It's going to be dorky as all hell. But that's the kind of stuff I live for. Which is pretty much why I look forward to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and why I hate waiting for it. It's a bit like waiting for me to actually write something on this blog.

Peace out.

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